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We no longer accept old style ink and toners.
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If the item does not exist in our database, please select “Custom” for the brand.


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*See box condition guide below.

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We do not buy any of the below.

  • Generic
  • Remanufactured
  • Open box
  • Water damaged box
  • Heavily damaged box
  • No box items

Box Condition Guide

1 Star (Poor / Open)

Sealed box with a lot of damage or open box item (inner bag must be sealed).

2 Stars (Poor)

Sealed box that has some scaring (rips/tears) or larger dents.

3 Stars (Fair)

Sealed box that might have some labels, small writing, or small dent.

4 Stars (Excellent)

Sealed box with no damage, writing, tape, or label residue.

Measure the longest side of the box first and enter it in Side 1. Then measure the two remaining sides and enter them in Side 2 and Side 3.
Side 1 (inches)
Side 2 (inches)
Side 3 (inches)