About Us

OEM Toner Buyer is located in Huntsville, Alabama (Rocket City). We are a family owned and ran company. We have a combined 8 years experience in the imaging supplies industry. We pride ourselves in outstanding customer service and long lasting relationships with our suppliers.

We buy and sell OEM supplies. If your products are in good condition, you can expect higher price than poor condition. We buy anywhere from large lots or a simple toner cartridge. Please fill out our online contact form and a specialists will contact you within 24 hours with pricing (usually sooner).

We want to purchase all of your surplus copier and printer supplies (Toner Cartridges, Imaging Units, Fusers, Drums, Developer, etc). If it goes into a copier or printer, we’ll buy it! If you no longer need it, we’ll buy it!

Here are some numbers you should know:
2-5 – days for your package to arrive at our warehouse depending on your location.
2-3 – business days to process into our inventory once it arrives.
Immediately issue payment once processed into inventory.
2-5 – days for your check to arrive by mail.




By using this website, I represent and warrant that all new & used Toner/Ink cartridges that have been sold in the past, being sold or will be in the future shipped and/or sold to OEMTonerBuyer.com adhere to the below statements. Seller must acknowledge and confirm they are the rightful legal owner of any and all supplies and/or other items sold or offered to be sold to OEMTonerBuyer.com. Seller must acknowledge they are the direct seller of all items and not representing any third party person and/or company or organization.

OEMTonerBuyer.com may request proof of compliance and/or other documentation contained in these terms and conditions. We may request such documentation as it sees necessary. Any person selling or submitting product for purchase to OEMTonerBuyer.com must be of legal age or older in order to conduct business with us.

In addition, all toner, ink, or other product submitted to OEMTonerBuyer.com must have clear title (by selling to OEMTonerBuyer.com the seller confirms 100% legal ownership of product). By sending items to OEMTonerBuyer.com, you agree the surplus form submitted is 100% true statements. We can only provide free shipping to us, for the items submitted to us via email or on the Sell Your Surplus page. If the form is filled out incorrectly, the offer changes. If a return of the items is requested; we will require payment of some sort to cover shipping both ways. If items come in as used, they will be removed from the offer.  Items received that are different than quoted, may negatively affect the total amount offered. Once an offer in Discrepancy Status has been approved, all unusable items (including used items) are forfeited (we environmentally dispose of them). If you require the items back, you must pay for shipping both ways and provide us with a shipping labels within 15 days of the offer being Completed in the system. Payment is made within 2-4 business days after receiving items.

Due to the increase in fraud, it is company policy not to prepay for items with new suppliers. All offers expire within 7 days due to market demand and fluctuation. Expired offers can be resubmit to acquire new pricing.

OEMTonerBuyer.com is operated by TonersUSA, LLC.
For any additional information or questions, please  Contact Us. Most questions can be answered by visiting our FAQs page.

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