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Do you purchase open box items?

No. We only purchase factory sealed items.

Do you purchase used toner/ink cartridges?

No. We only purchase new name brand factory sealed toner/ink.

Do you purchase generic or remanufactured toner/ink?

No. We only purchase name brand factory sealed toner/ink.

How do I view my current offer or offer history?

Once you are logged in, click on My Account at the top right of the page. Your offer history will display at the bottom of the My Account page.

What if I have a hard time finding the Part Number on the retail box?

Using your smartphone, you can send a picture of the box to info@oemtonerbuyer.com. We will be glad to help you locate the part number.

Can payment be made instantly before I send you my surplus items?

If you have sold to us before, then we are able to pay you via PayPal. Do to the increase in fraud, if you are a brand new supplier, we will have to send a check after items are received.

How long until a check is mailed?

Once we receive the items, we have a check in the mail within 2-4 business days. It usually takes 1-2 days to process the items into inventory, then another 24 hours to print the check and mail it. It might take less or more time depending on current volume being received.

Do you offer Overnight or 2nd day express delivery for the check payment?

Yes. The cost for Overnight service is usually around $38. 2nd Day service is around $22. We only charge you what UPS charges us. **Please contact your buyer for the exact fee amount to your address**

How does shipping work?

We will provide you with shipping labels. We ask you to please place the toner boxes inside an outer shipping box to protect during transit. If you have large amounts of toner on a pallet/skid, please contact us so we can arrange for freight pickup.

How do I prepare the toners for shipping?

Please click here to see our how to ship page.

Do you recycle used inks and toner cartridges?

We only recycle for local customers and suppliers. Items can be dropped off at our Huntsville, AL warehouse.

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